Free Download Being a DIK (Season 2)

Free Download Being a DIK (Season 2) – Being a DIK (Season 2) Free Download
Enable an in- game companion that covers the entire alternate season of Being a DIK. Press the‘g’ key at any time while playing Being a DIK – Season 2 to show the companion while playing. You can also bring up the companion by clicking the Companion button plant in the quick menu. The interface includes a quick navigation system that lets you jump to sections of the companion and jump to the runner that’s most applicable to the current choice in your ongoing game. Being a DIK (Season 2) Free Download

Being a DIK (Season 2) Pre-installed Game Download
Being a DIK is a choice- driven adult Visual Novel (VN). In this game, you play as a youthful manly attending council, and the choices you make will affect the characters around you and shape your character and adventure. Will you choose to play as a nice, caring and romantic joe or as someone more straightforward and enterprising? The girls in the game have different values and may or may not be attracted to you grounded on your choices. Can you repel the temptations along the way to get the girl of your dreams or will you yield and just … trial? Hey, it’s council, after all!


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